About us

We’re a little obsessed with creating insights based on knowledge, not assumption. It’s an approach that gives our creative teams the ammunition they need, helping them deliver media-​​neutral big ideas across all the right channels.

Brand Architecture Media (BAM) is a full agency, set up to maximise our clients return on investment through the use of strategic and creative design methodologies.

We are a fully integrated marketing agency, with an extensive experience in developing businesses into thriving enterprises. We take pride in being able to deliver world-class services in business, as well as developing cutting-edge marketing strategies for our trusted clients.

Our clientele revolves around various sectors that include telecom, retailing, manufacturing,banking, computer software, hospitality & leisure, media, consumer electronics distribution and the list goes on. We represent a new breed of marketers, A new kind of lead agency,one which powers profitable customer experiences that change how people think, act and feel about brands.The experiences we create utilise traditional, digital, social and mobile media, as well as new technologies and invented media. Our clients benefit from greater marketplace impact as a result of consistently applied integrated marketing rigour, informed by data-driven intelligence and real-time dashboards, inspiring and unleashing highly responsive and creative marketing solutions.